Are you tired of gaining weight?

Louise Tromp, health practitioner and owner of Cosmo Slimming Solutions lost 40kg in four months. If you need any advice on your weight or health, she will provide you with the best advice.

Loose up to 10kg in just two weeks

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THABAZIMBI – Tired of gaining weight especially now before the Holiday Season? Tired of not getting rid of that extra weight around the waist area? Before you know, it’s summer and most of your clothes don’t fit anymore. There is an easy way out and it’s called Cosmo Slimming Solutions.

Louise Tromp, health practitioner and owner of Cosmo Slimming Solutions lost 40kg in just four months and the good news is she’s keeping it off. You can loose up to 10kg in just two weeks.

This is a completely natural and holistic program that will change your life. It offers a speedy solution for weight problems and a guaranteed maintenance program, a program that can also become part of your daily lifestyle. The aim of this program is not only to realistically determine your goal weight and achieve it, but also maintain your new weight.

There are three types of medication: a tincture that is a herbal product with no known side effects. It helps break down fats, reduce cellulite, improve metabolism in a natural way and provides energy. The herbal capsules have a cleaning effect on the renal and colon system, it rids the body of excess fluids and helps the body release fat for removal. It also increases metabolism and helps control appetite. The herbal eat less formula suppresses appetite, increases energy levels and helps control cravings.

All the products are submitted and registered at the medicine board and is produced by Dr Jacques Lubbe (University of Potchefstroom).

When you ask Louise why her products area so unique, she answers with confidence and trust: “it is a pure herbal product with no known side effects, it’s been on the market for seven years, you loose weight and keep it down and there are 34 clinics nationwide.”

When you join Cosmo Slimming Solutions your physical wellbeing is tested, any health dangers and shortages are shown without the pain of needles, X-rays or sonars.

All this for free when you join. Think thin. Louise Tromp will be at Sorizty Day Spa on Thursday 17 November. To make an appointment with Louise, contact Sorika on 082 801 0589.