Toyota: Leading the way

NORTHAM – Northam Toyota is one of the twenty Monitor Dealers in South Africa. The idea of constant improvement is a Japanese business philosophy that has proven to be very successful when applied in practice.

Our customer base is very diverse in the Northam area and the operating conditions and environments our products are used in are very unique. These operating conditions and environments are unlike many of the first world countries.

The voice of our customers has been reported to Toyota Japan via technical reports. These reports are used and the information gathered has been used to improve our products. The solution we often need is a time consuming exercise and needs to be monitored and evaluated through out the world.

The bushvelt and Northam Toyota was very honoured to have a visit from Japan. The chief engineer’s for our Hilux product as well as a team of senior technical managers from Toyota South Africa came to visit. The visitors came from Japan, Australia, Thai Land, Asian Pacific and our main plant in KwaZulu-Natal.

The visitors were shown a side of South Africa they had never seen before.  What better way to show them as to take them directly to our customers?  The real conditions the trusty Hilux and Toyota  vehicles are exposed to.  The real dirt roads and the tar roads in the bushvelt.

The visitors were a little shocked as they did not really know what turf was, Mr Jaco Du toit from Krokidil Kraal Boedery did the honours and drove our guests through some real turf and showed them what a river crossing looks like. Jaco took our guests on a “roofie” ride of note. He made sure the sprayers were on before he took the group through the lands. The term turf and mud quickly settled in. I am sure in years to come when we use the term turf our guests will never forget the trip in the lands.

The dirt roads with corrugated surfaces also settled in because these conditions are un heard of in first world countries. Dusty conditions and white shirts do not mix very well and our guests experienced the real conditions our Toyota products operate in.

The senior management from Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore Mines also made the visit very special. Our guests got the opportunity to visit the mine and experience first hand what the vehicles are exposed to on a daily basis . The trip was highlighted when the guests got to see first hand how open cast mining is done as well as visiting the numerous tunnels and mining operations in the Thabazimbi mining area.

The rocky environments and heat are factors our guests could experience first hand. A very special Thank You to The Phoenix project management and team. The trip was not only memorable but from a research and development point of view pivotal for future development.

Our visitors experienced what exploration drilling is all about. A very special Thank You goes out to Mr MW Grobler and crew from Rosond. Velt, thorn bushes , long grass and turf all became part of the engineering groups challenges . The conditions are better described at ground level. The term thorn bush has been added  to the list of variables.

Vehicles at the Northam Toyota Dealership where stripped and photographed  so that the information gathered from the visit could be used in future development and improvement of the products we build and sell.

Reporting is an important tool in improving the products we build and sell. With out our customers in put this could never happen. The visit from Japan was special as the reporting over the past five years has paid off. These visitors could have visited many other countries or areas in south Africa yet Northam was chosen.

Senior Management of Northam Toyota have invested a lot of time and effort in the development of the Toyota brand in the Bushvelt and the visitors from abroad left Northam with new insight as to how it is done in Northam.

A very special Thank You to all involved in making the visit so special.  Our  translator Mr Mack-san had the experience of a lifetime when he could have a one on one lion experience at the Predator world in Thabazimbi. The term lion cage driving will always be a special part of Africa,  Mack-san can take back with him as he departs from South Africa on the 18/10/2011. Thank You Mr and Mrs. Hodge for the effort put into this visit.

Mr Jaco Du toit you gave our guests a trip of a lifetime, the buffalo experience was very special and I do not think any one of our guests have ever seen a buffalo that close.

Anglo American Iron Ore Mine, senior management, Phoenix project Thank you so much for letting the engineers see what the vehicles we sell, face each and every day. Mr Pieter Oliver, Mr Eduan Pieterse, Mr. Gawie Bosman and team well done.

Rosond, Mw and team thank you for all your preparation and the use of your Hilux to demonstrate operating conditions and use as an example.
Last but not least to all our customers, your valuable feedback is channelled into the right directions and the visit we have had is proof of that – Thank you.