Aircraft fanatics unite

THABAZIMBI – In celebration of the beautifully tarred Thabazimbi runway, the Kransberg Flying Club will be hosting a fly-in on Saturday the 15 October. Unlike an air-show with all its adrenalin pumping excitement, a fly-in consists merely of pilots in their hoards, leisurely flying-in to show off their pride and joys.

The public are more than welcome to come and have a closer look at those men and their flying machines. We ask that motor vehicles remain to the back of the hangers and not park in the front of them. Some of the pilots tend to be a little sensitive about their planes, thus we ask that you apply the rule of looking with the eyes and not the hands.

Come and enjoy a casual stroll from wing-to-wing, and admire the beauty that is aircraft. For those feeling a little peckish or overcome with thirst, stalls will be available to replenish one and all.