Letters from our readers – Disappointed in our town

What is happening to Thabazimbi? One only has to drive through our towns streets, (business and residential) to see that things are not what they should be.
Businesess who dump rubbish next to municipal bins or on pavements should be fined, overflowing and unsightly skips, unswept streets, and litter strewn all over the place by the general public.

Ever since one has to pay to dump rubbish at the dumping sight, certain people living in Thabazimbi and on the Spitskop plots seem to think that it’s ok to dump their bags on the corner of 13th Avenue and Hamerkop or in the undeveloped residential area on the way out to Spitskop, or next to the road out to Marakele. Certain residents of Thabazimbi also have no problem with dumping their garden refuse on their pavement and leaving it there, for in some cases years!

It is sad to see Thaba Park in the state it is in, it seems that it is only the Rugby field that is maintained on a regular basis, the rest of Thaba Park needs serious attention.

The islands between our roads used to be neat and pretty, now they are full of weeds and generally unkept.

I am sure that to the majority of Thabazimbiers this situation is unpleasant and unacceptable.  I personally, am embarrassed to take my visitors into town, especially over a weekend.

I know and understand that the general public has to be educated in terms of not littering, but there are also not sufficient municipal bins in our town.
Businesses could surely take responsibility for the area surrounding their specific shops, that would already be a great start, I know of a few businesses who already do this but they are by far a minority.

Thabazimbi residents, business owners and the Municipality have to put in an effort to improve this situation, if not I predict that in a few years time Thabazimbi will be a “dump” and no longer a town of which we can be proud!

Thane Hearne – Thabazimbi