Caught in the act!

Picture of culprits about to jump into the car after they dumped several black bags

THABAZIMBI – Sometimes we just happen to be at the right place at the right time…

An unknown litterbug was caught red (faced) handed doing what seems to be her favourite pastime on a Saturday afternoon. Ever so gracefully she and her two accomplices off-loaded an enormous load of black bags, contributing to the growth in volume on the very same spot where previous litter has being dumped – right next to a large “Do not litter” sign.

It was as if Inspector Mors(e) had finally solved a mystery and hungry to lure in the loot, softly whispering: “come to mama”. The expression on her face when she realized she was caught on camera – priceless! Like three musketeers, madam first, as she was the designated driver of the getaway car, they made an escape move that would even put Houdini to shame!

Shame on you lady for polluting our beautiful town. Hope you get something better to do on a Saturday afternoon – not a bad idea to start up your own recycling business – as you have enough stock on the floor to give you a kick start!

Dee Chapman