New GM for Thabang

Morongwa Magongoa was appointed General Manager of Thabang Children’s Project on 1 August.

THABAZIMBI – A new General Manager (GM) for the Thabang Children’s Project, Morongwa Magongoa, was appointed on 1 August.

Magongoa, who has formal training as social worker, has obtained valuable experience in the management of an NGO during her time as CEO of SANTA, the South African National Tuberculosis Association.

Shortly after her arrival at Thabang, Magongoa has started connecting with members of the community she will be involved with as head of the Thabang management team. She has already paid visits to Istores Primary School, where most of the Thabang children attend school, and Thabang’s Community Care Centre in Smash Block.

Hennie Pauw