Honorary Rangers make donations to Marakele NP

On the photo are fltr: Naas du Preez (Chairman of the Honorary Rangers Thabazimbi region), Sidney Mikosi ( head guide), Smangele Nkuna (Receptionist), Clare Ntsane (Park Manager), Ella Roberts ( West Rand Honorary Ranger), Tshi Fhiwamagda (Section ranger) and Meriam Rapoo ( Duty Manager).

THABAZIMBI – West Rand Honorary Rangers made a donation to Marakele National Park on Saturday 23 July, in the from of high lift jacks, spotlights and cyber trackers.

The Honorary Rangers of the South Africa National Parks, West Rand Region, in a co-operative effort with the Marakele Region of the HRS, have donated sophisticated Data Capturing equipment to the Marakele National Parks, which has proved to be an indispensable tool for the field data collation in the Kruger National Park.

These small very easy hand-held computers can record observations, along with their geographic locations, to enable Park Managers and scientists to better understand the facets fluxes of the diverse ecosystems in the park. These small computers, known as Cyber Trackers, was handed over by Ella Roberts.

Not only did they donate the cyber trackers but also three much needed high lift jacks for the land drovers and six hand-held spotlights, two for each vehicle. Now it will be easier to change a tyre, according to Fhumulani Sidney Mikosi head guide at Marakele. The high lift jacks was on his wish list. The equipment was handed over to Clare Ntsane, Park Manager, by Ella Roberts who had bought the equipment.