Farmers’ help sought

To ensure that land is used productively, there is food security and to provide employment for members of rural communities, government is calling on the agricultural sector to act as mentors on land reform farms.

The department of Rural Development and Land Reform seeks suitable persons from the agricultural sector as mentors on “land reform projects in distress, acquired since 1994”.

In advertisements in the printed media throughout Limpopo it is stressed that the department has decided to recapitalize all land reform projects, acquired since 1994, in distress. “Working together we can do more to improve the quality of life for people living in rural areas,” the department stresses in the advertisement.

The department says potential mentors should have extensive farming experience and must be successful commercial farmers, either active or retired and may already be working with various communities and are involved in skills transfer and training to developmental farmers under any of the organized agricultural formations.

Mentors and beneficiaries will be required to enter into fixed signed agreements with the department. Mentors can also enter into share equity arrangements and co-management with beneficiaries and the department. They are expected to assist with farm assessments, turn around strategies for distressed farms, preparing farm and business plans, training and skills transfer.

To become a mentor members of the agricultural sector are requested to visit their nearest office of the department of Rural Development and Land Reform or to call the toll free number 0800 007 095 or fax 012 312 9218 or visit the website on Information can also be obtained through e-mail at

Limpopo News Service