Demengos wins Kumba Soccer Tournament

Mama-Mama was second overall in the Kumba Soccer Tournament. They received 22 silver medals and a trophy.

THABAZIMBI – The Kumba Soccer Tournament’s semi-final and final was held on Saturday 11 June.

The semi-final between Eysterbureg and Township Rollers started at 14:00 and ended at 15:35 with the final score 3-1 in favour of Township Rollers, who received 22 bronze medals and bronze trophy for third place overall.

The final game started at 16:00. According to the organizer, mr Zaba, it was a nerve wrecking game in which Mama-Mama and Demengos fought for the trophy. The final score at 17:35 was 1-1 and they went to a penalty shoot-out. Demengos won with a score of 5-3. They also received 21 gold medals and the trophy for being the Kumba Soccer Tournament winners.