Naletsana Secondary school fight TB together

The pupils sang and danced to songs played over a mobile stage with the campaign’s mascot, Turbo Boots.

KOEDOESKOP – A TB campaign called “Let’s Kick TB together, let’s beat TB” was held at Naletsana Secondary school on Wednesday 1 June.

The aim of the campaign is for children to learn about the dangers of TB while they are still young so that they can grow up to be a TB free generation.

Pupils from Naletsana School at Koedoeskop were shown an educational DVD specifically developed for children and answered questions relating to the content.

Activities such as the KICK TB school outreach programme promotes all members of the community to take part in the fight against TB and consolidates the efforts of different partners working in the field to ensure that mortality from TB is reduced.

Not only will these ‘life-saving’ soccer balls be distributed to learners across South Africa, but the message “TB can be cured” will hit home when teams distributing these balls take along portable soccer goal posts, giving learners the opportunity to kick their soccer balls at the goal posts, thus physically enacting:  I can ‘kick’ ‘TB. TB is a curable disease. Together with Turbo Boots, the campaign’s mascot, the pupils sang and danced to the sound of songs played over the mobile stage.