Sports for all – Regorogile

The mini-cricket team that is in desperate need of some sports equipment with their coach Tebogo Dlamin and Josephine Sebolayi.

REGOROGILE – Sports for all was founded from 2007 where their goal is to keep children in the community off the streets by keeping them busy with sports. These sports like, netball, soccer, cricket, basketball and even mini-cricket is in need of sports equipment. The different kinds of balls and the protections gear for the sport but especially the mini-cricket and coaches for the different sports,

Anybody that would like to help in any way can contact Josephine Sebolayi at 076 181 1307, she is the manager of Sports for all, or you can come and visit the kids while they are practicing at the playground near the Municipal offices in Regorogile, from Mondays till Thursdays at 15:00 – 17:00.