Lucky Luke at Gitta-Martula Rehab Centre

Leigh Ann Bradley from Gitta-Martula Rehab Centre with the young Blesbok, Lucky Luke.

MAROELASFONTEIN – A little Blesbok  lamb was found on a farm lying next to a road, his mother hovered in the distance, bleating softly, unable to understand why her off-spring would not come to her.

Luckily, a car drove by and saw the lamb, he was so weak that the person driving the car was able to walk up to him and pick him up. He was brought to the Rehab Centre and quickly given a bottle, which he fortunately took to without too much trouble. This little lamb was supported on either side so
that he could drink, but was so weak that he fell asleep standing up while drinking. He was wrapped in a blanket and placed in a warm pen in the clinic and left to sleep undisturbed, for a couple of hours.

The staff at Gitta-Martula gently woke him and again fed him a small amount of milk, this happened every two hours for the first twenty-four hours of him being at the Centre. This little lamb thrived, and gained the name of Lucky Luke, it was so very rewarding for the staff to see him gradually gain his strength. He was moved from the pen to an outside enclosure and when he was strong enough, he was introduced to other herbivores at the centre.

Lucky Luke is an extremely vocal little chap, and he bleats whenever he hears someone approach his boma.

He has been weaned and he is being fed on a mixture of Boskos and lucern.  Now comes the task of ‘wilding him up’ so that he can be released back into the wild.

Please call the Centre if you find an animal which is in need of assistance.  This is a free service to everyone in the area. Call Cara on 082 786 9008  or Louis on 072 906 0163