Information about Thabazimbi Animal Rescue (TAR)

THABAZIMBI – Thabazimbi Animal Rescue (TAR) is a non-profit organization for the rescue and care of neglected or abandoned animals in Thabazimbi.
TAR is driven entirely by the goodwill and financial support of its community, its volunteers put in effort, hard word and expertise on a free-willing basis. TAR thus being an organisation by the community for all communities in Thabazimbi.

TAR had its humble beginnings 11 months ago and as such they are proud to announce that of 114 rescued dogs, 74 of these were successfully re-homed and six were re-united with their owners. One hundred and sixty seven cats were rescued, some from life threatening circumstances. Approximately 30 kittens were successfully hand-reared, some from ages as young as two days old. All these kittens were re-homed. TAR receives and investigates at least two animal-related complaints per week.

TAR is involved with awareness projects in the community of which the campaign against fireworks in December and talks held at schools are two examples of efforts to educate the community in the needs of animals and how to care for animals. TAR often receives calls for help from areas as far as Northam and Swartklip, which highlights the need for an organisation such as TAR in other areas, where possible, TAR assists directly or indirectly to solve these requests for help or complaints of animal neglect.

TAR is actively involved in negotiations with local vets to reduce veterinary fees for needy owners. As such all the local veterinary surgeons have agreed to a reduced fee for the spaying or neutering of TAR-adopted or re-homed cats and dogs.

TAR is currently negotiating with the local municipality for support for the outreach TAR wants to do in township communities, assisting with medical care as well as sterilizations.

TAR is very often assisted in these matters by the local police and traffic department. TAR would like to mention that all the veterinarians in town are actively involved and that they go to great lengths to assist them in any matter.