New speed control camera, first for Thaba

THABAZIMBI – A speed violation is the most serious offence against road laws, as it leads to severe accidents and even death.

It is in this light that the latest addition to Thabazimbi road safety is a speed control camera, situated near Donkerpoort.

According to mr Johnny Motaung, head of safety and traffic at the Thabazimbi Municipality, the cost price for the speed camera is about R400 000.

The speed limit at which motorists will be prosecuted will be determined by the speed limit board (60km per hour). The speed fine amount is determined by magistrate court.

Mr Motaung assigned mr Mamome to handle all the matters pertaining to the speed control camera. The image of the vehicle which has violated the speed control limit will be used as acceptable evidence in the court of law and mr Mamome will be appearing in court to face the accused person.

The violation of the speed control limit is an offence that is punishable by State and points will be taken against the accused when AARTO is implemented.

“It is very important for all road users to use road in the manner that other road users are safe, for to use the road is the privilege not a right.” Said mr Motaung.

The speed control system is equipped with a computer which automatically records any speed violations. If a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, it takes a photo. The photos consist of information about the date, time, speed, place of violation and speed limit.