Latest taxi intimidation method

JOHANNESBURG – An urgent warning from SAPS which has been confirmed, are being circulated via e-mail.

The SAPS warns citizens travelling to and around Johannesburg and big cities to be on the lookout for taxi’s which now have new intimidation methods. According to the police, women, especially those travelling alone, are being followed by taxis for about five minutes. The taxi, full of men, then move in next to her vehicle and slowly push her towards the pavement.

One reported case was from a lady who stopped at a traffic light on Jan Smuts Avenue in Kempton Park. A taxi stopped next to her and five guys jumped out of the taxi. One banged on the roof of her car, two tried to open the front doors, a third jumped onto the bonnet of the car and a fourth stood in front of her car. She got such a fright that she pulled away, knocking the man in front of her down and crossed the red robot. It seems that this is a new type of intimidation, victimizing mainly women drivers.

This has been the 11th case that has been reported within a week.