Free nitrogen top-up at Total

THABAZIMBI – Total service station in Thabazimbi offers free nitrogen top-up for their clients’ tyres.

According to Total service station, the use of nitrogen helps maintain better tyre pressure as the nitrogen is the slowest migrating gas through a tyre.Less top-ups mean less worry. Nitrogen is a pure, inert gas that run at optimum temperature, therefore doesn’t retain heat. A tyre that doesn’t overheat is a safer tyre, thus tyres at the correct temperature and pressure, ensure maximum tyre life. Tyres which are correctly inflated can improve fuel consumption.

Nitrogen isn’t dangerous; it is an inert, completely dry, dead gas and cannot burn or explode. Nitrogen is used in most fire extinguishers and to inflate all commercial aircraft tyres, Formula 1 and other professional racing tyres. Tyre pressure should not be changed when inflated with nitrogen. Always inflate the tyres to the pressure recommended by the tyre manufacturer or motor dealer. Because tyres are inflated with nitrogen, they should remain at optimum pressure for longer.

If there’s nitrogen in the tyres, one can top-up with air, but it isn’t recommended. By diluting the nitrogen, the benefits will also be diluted.

Always, if possible, top-up with nitrogen at a participating Total service station.

If there’s air in the tyres, one can top-up with nitrogen, it will not negatively affect your tyres, but will in fact improve tyre performance.

Fuel economy can be improved by nitrogen because the tyres are at the correct pressure, their rolling resistance will be reduced, lowering fuel consumption. Less friction equals less energy consumption.

The owners of new vehicles must ensure that they use the correct fuel recommended for their vehicle, it will influence the guarantee on the vehicle.

The management of Total service station would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the lack of fuel over the December 2010 holiday and during the transport strike in February 2011.