LoveLife’s Lovetrain tours Thabazimbi

THABAZIMBI – The community and youth of Thabazimbi must champion the seven days of a portable youth centre. The LoveTrain will be docked in the Thabazimbi area from 15 – 21 August 2010.

LoveLife is on track with its recently launched LoveTrain, which will be chugging around the country spreading the message of sexually responsible behaviour to young people living in remote areas. The LoveTrain is a portable Y-centre that offers programmes to youth who climb on board for a once in a lifetime experience.

The programmes that will be facilitated by trainers, groundbreakers, as well as mpintshis included, cyber-Y’s, Radio-Y’s, ultimate dance and basketball. This means that computers, a Youth-run radio station, as well as big screens will be made available to young people who live in the surrounding areas of the railway station in which the LoveTrain docks for six days at a time.

Be sure to look out for the purple LoveTrain at your local station so that you too can join in the education.

The LoveLife’s LoveTrain is an appetiser to the LoveLife’s Games Cluster Festival which is arranged to take place on 21 August from 08:30 at the Regorogile Sports Ground.

The following activities will be available on the day: Sporting Codes – Soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Recreational Codes – poetry, drama, kwasa kwasa dance, choirs and solo artists and ultimate dance.

For more information contact LoveLife Groundbreakers, Thapelo Matyila at 071 522 7313 or Edward Sokutyifa at 079 375 6138.