Venison – South Africa’s forgotten speciality

“South African game meat, is healthy and a savored specialty. It is naturally produced with lower cholesterol and fat than traditional meat, and at the same time game meat is free of feared chemicals such as added hormones, antibiotics and pesticides”, says Jacques Malan, President of Wildlife Ranching South Africa.

“Agri SA and the Wildlife Ranchers of South Africa welcome visitors to the World Cup and invite them to taste the splendid game meat dishes that South African restaurants prepare. Just as splendid, is the Bafana Bafana soccer team and we are sure that they will make our country proud”, says Johannes Möller, President of Agri SA.

By buying and eating game meat produced by the 1600 members of Wildlife Ranching SA, the visitor is making a considerable contribution to conservation in South Africa. South Africa’s Game Ranchers currently own and conserves vast tracks of land and thereby preserves many animal-, bird- and plant species. Most of the income generated through sales of game meat and game products such as the world renowned South African game biltong, end up ensuring the preservation of the wonderful wilderness areas of South Africa.

“Make your contribution to conservation in South Africa and enjoy it. At the same time, visitors are encouraged to visit one of the beautifully game lodges around the country. A visit to South Africa will not be complete without a few days in the wilderness and experiencing the friendliness of the people of South Africa”, Malan said in closure.