Oasis Alcohol and substance addiction support group

THABAZIMBI – Oasis is a support network in Thabazimbi for people with alcohol and substance abuse problems or addictions. They not only offer support to the person with the problem, but also to his or her family and friends. They do no assist with medication but can point the person into the right direction. As soon as a person realised that they have an addiction problem and are willing to receive treatment for it, they will offer support through the ups and down of the process and thereafter by means of telephone calls, text messages, prayer, of just an ear to listen. This service is available 24 hours a day. If you find yourself wanting to succumb to temptation they are just a phone call away. The family and friends are also welcome to contact them for support as it could be very difficult to live with someone with alcoholism or substance addiction. For more information Mariaan can be contacted at 0723091718.