Local singers form association

Phetogo Mohutsiwa is inviting local artists to join the newly established Thabazimbi Artist Association.

THABAZIMBI – A drive to organize local vocal artists has been initiated in Thabazimbi and Regorogile. The association will be called the Thabazimbi Artist Assocation (TAA).

The aim is to promote local talent and to prevent artists from losing enthusiasm and giving up their careers as singers, says Phetogo Mohutsiwa, the driving force behind this initiative.

It often happens, says Phetogo, that artists from elsewhere are approached to give performances for which they are paid. In the meanwhile there are very good local artists who can also benefit from performing, but they are not given the opportunity.

An association formed to represent artists as a group will have more negotiation powers than individuals. The association will give artists a platform from which to negotiate for, for example, venues, entrance fees, sound systems and even perhaps recordings. They will, as a group, have more opportunities to perform at events.

It is hoped that the Municipality especially will take note of the local artists and not ignore them when they are presenting functions.

The association can build up resources such as cameras, music system etc which can be used at performances. They can also partner in local shows with popular artists in order to give them some exposure.

Anybody interested in joining the association can enquire with Phetogo on 082 3635 939.

On Saturday 29 May a performance at the Regorogile Sports Ground was cancelled due to rain. Altogether 1 500 tickets were sold. Phetogo wanted to reassure those who bought tickets that the show will be performed at some date in the near future. He asked them not to throw their tickets away, but keep them, because the tickets will serve as entrance tokens.