Premier’s wife visits Thabang

The youngsters of Thabang touched the hearts of all present when they sang and danced for the guests.

THABAZIMBI – It is important for whole communities to work together and support initiatives like Thabang, Mrs Mokgadi Mathale, wife of the Premier of Limpopo, said to representatives of the Thabazimbi community attending the Thabang Open Day on Wednesday 12 May.

It is through projects like Thabang, where governmental organizations, business, churches, traditional leaders and members of society partner, that true societal growth is witnessed, she said. And it is through projects like Thabang that other similar projects are inspired.

According to Mathale nearly all families in the country are affected by HIV and AIDS, because most people have lost family members, friends or colleagues to the virus. Those worst affected are probably children who lost their parents and it is fundamental that every person should offer a helping hand in ensuring that these children are given opportunities in life to realize their full potential.

To the children of Thabang she said that although they experienced hardships from a very young age, they should take the good what is offered them, overcome their challenges and prosper. She said no person was born to fail, and that people “sweat for their own success”. A spirit of winning must be cultivated.

During the open day, which was attended by representatives from the police, business, municipality, education, social services, mines, the Limpopo First Lady Trust, churches and most of the Thabang staff, a new Advisory Community Committee was elected. Some nominations for representatives from a few sectors are still awaited. Anybody who feel they can make a contribution is invited to volunteer to serve on the committee.

The Thabang boys and girls entertained guests on traditional dancing and the young toddlers sang songs and also performed dances. The Thabang Marimba band worked its usual magic while providing background entertainment. Afterwards everybody joined in for a hearty supper.
The spirit of the day was captured by April Moreo, housemother at the Thabang Girls’ and toddler section, who said that Thabang’s children were not Thabang’s children only, but children of the Thabazimbi community.