Haven’t lost a spark at 83

The Impala that Bennie, an 83 year old whom is unable to speak or hear, shot on his first attempt as a hunter on the farm Thaba Motswere.

THABA MOTSWERE – It is never to late for a new experience. This was proved by 83 year old Bennie Brand while on visit to the farm Thaba Motswere in the Thabazimbi district. His nephew, André Brand made a joke with Bennie by saying that they should go hunt Impala.

Bennie agreed to it even though he is unable to hear or speak and also never hunted before. Jaco, André’s son, offered to take Bennie on his first hunting trip. An hour or two passed before they received the news surprising news that Bennie made his first kill.

André and the owner rushed to them with all the camera equipment they could find and found Bennie with the biggest smile, laughter and hand signals you can ever imagine. Well done Bennie, show the youngsters how its done.