Ons lesers skryf – Cowards want to dis credit

I’m writing this letter on my personal capacity, but responding to a letter written to my station commander by two ambitious cowards who wanted to discredit me for the good job I’m doing for the community. Just because they want to manipulate the community in the pretext of the African national congress. They even sign the letter as the secretary and the chairperson of Kromdraai ANC branch, under the leadership of Thabazimbi branch which was dismissed by the chairperson of the real ANC as Nonsense.

They are fakes who want positions which they don’t deserve. They don’t know who they are and I’m afraid I cannot mention their names because I will be reminding them who they are. I know for a fact that there are people out there who had been victimized and mislead by these fake people in the name of the African national congress which I believe they don’t even know where the offices are.

I’m bringing this to the attention of the community, more especially Kromdraai, because I know we still have a long way to go and I don’t want the people to miss opportunities and the chance of looking into our interest and being masters of our destiny while listening to these big mouth empty drums, who are so desperate to an extent of faking positions which are not there. I hope the ANC will do something about this irresponsible behaviour if indeed they are their members.

I would also like to extend my invitations to the community to be at Maroela Community on Saturday the 8th of May at 10:00 . We will be discussing liquor and crime issues together with all liquor licensed owners and other stake holders. The so called secretary and the chairperson are welcome, we will give then a lecture free o charge.

Gumani Enock Mudzili