50 Days Countdown, rally behind Bafana-Bafana

The ladies soccer team from Thabazimbi Municipality who won their game against the ladies soccer team from Kumba Iron Ore on 21 April as part of the celebration of the day’s events.

THABAZIMBI – Thabazimbi Municipality like the rest of the country called on residents to rally behind the national soccer team, Bafana-Bafana, with just 50 days remaining until the kick off of the most spectacular event to reach South African soil. The celebration was marked with a convoy of cars which started from Regorogile Sports ground to Thaba-Park stadium on 21 April 2010. The noise of car hooters and vuvuzelas were heard throughout the streets of Thabazimbi town. “It feels almost like a dream to say that today marks exactly 50days to go before the kick-off of the spectacular 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup tournament in this country” said the Acting Municipal Manager, Ben Mothogoane. He further thanked all stakeholders participating in all celebrations of SWC. The event was wrapped up with soccer matches firstly by Municipality’s ladies team who played against Kumba Iron lady soccer team and that was followed by the men of the same teams.“Working together we can do more”. This is what we mean by partnership. All these activities were done just after the Bafana-Bafana truck stopped over in Thabazimbi as part of the campaign for the World Cup tournament. The Mayor Naledi Matlou and the community of Thabazimbi have signed the Bafana-Bafana T-shirt on the day. “Unite Mzansi Unite” Let’s show the world our unity, our solidarity, our passion. Kenako! It’s here! Feel it! Thabazimbi Municipality will be hosting all the Limpopo Municipalities in the Provincial South African Municipal Sports and Recreation (SAMSRA) games on the 8th May 2010 at Thaba-Park Stadium. We invite all media houses and community members of Thabazimbi to come and have a fun-filled day with almost all sporting codes.