Thabazimbi Community based organisation.

THABAZIMBI – This non-profit organisation known as the Thabazimbi Community Based Organisation are requesting the donation of a container. Their offices are currently situated in Itereleng from where they move out in the community. This will make their work a lot easier as they will then be able to do their work from a central place and also be better able to monitor the people in need. They would like to convert the container into a drop-in centre from where food can be served to the vulnerable, orphans and needy. They want to collect all the suitable people in one place where they will be able to monitor them collectively. Their care givers are rendering the following services. They bath, feed and support people who are no longer able to or too ill do it themselves. Orphans and other suitable people are referred to Social development and are helped to apply for grants. Treatments are collected and given to the ill.

Thabazimbi community members who would like to donate food, clothes or any other items to this worthy cause, can phone Pamela on 071 922 8492 during office hours.