Permaculture: Solutions – not Problems

THABAZIMBI – “In Permaculture we do not see problems – we see solutions.” John Nzira, internationally acclaimed expert in Permaculture gave an inspiring presentation on this topic in the conference room of “Kumnandi Lapha” Guesthouse on Saturday.

The Thabang Children’s Project invited the expert to kick off a discussion on community based income generating projects. Present were people from the Smash Block settlement including the ward councillor, as well as representatives from NGO’s working in the Thabazimbi municipal area.

Permaculture, derived from permanent agriculture, is a holistic approach to a self-sustainable healthy way of living, by learning from nature itself. Every person, every household, every community can start Permaculture by taking small doable steps in their own surroundings and everyday lives.

John Nzira is based in Johannesburg, he promotes and supports Permaculture projects in the northern part of South Africa.