Ons lesers skryf – Disabled bays not for elite

Most people know that the disabled parking bays at shopping centres are meant for those who really need it, whether they are elderly, pregnant, disabled or injured. These bays are not often used but when they are occupied one would expect to see someone who fits the list above, what a shame it is when this is not the case.

On Tuesday, 9 March, at about 17:30 my fiancé and I stopped at the Pick n Pay shopping centre and parked just next to the two disabled bays in front of the entrance. One of these bays was occupied by a large orange Land Rover. We were both highly upset when the owner of the Land Rover turned out to be a young, well dressed man doing his shopping. We stopped him before he left and asked why he had parked there when he had no justifiable reason. The man quickly became loud and rude and made strong racial comments. At some point during this altercation the man informed us that he was actually a “surgeon”, as if that meant he had the right to park there.

My fiancé and I were on our way to Thaba Nkwe for dinner so we drove through the parking lot and turned onto the Lephalale road, strangely enough the Land Rover followed. At first we thought perhaps this man wasn’t finished talking to us but as we went on he turned into the driveway leading to the state housing provided for the hospital staff.

As a surgeon he set a very poor example to the community. A man in his position should in fact be a role model to the community; I wonder how many of his patients saw him behave like that?

Disappointed Citizen