Reconstructed house given to its beneficiary

THABAZIMBI – The house that was damaged by a collapsed tree was reconstructed and given back to its owner on Wednesday 2 December 2009.

On 22 September 2009, a tree collapsed on top of the roof of a house in Regorogile Extension 2, damaging the roof sheeting and portion of the superstructure of the building. “The miracle of God has saved us,” said Mpolokeng Satshwa after her house collapsed by a fallen tree.

The side-walls of the superstructure encountered cracks that impacted negatively on the strength of the existing structural brick work. An inspection was done by Technical Services and Building Control to assess all the damages caused and also to obtain a detail report about the refurbishment of the building. It was found that the house is no more safe for the occupants to occupy and that the entire structure needed to be demolished and rebuild.

When people’s property is damaged by a fallen tree as with Satshwa’s property, the municipality is required to assist, especially when a tree from outside the property caused the damage.

A temporary tent was then provided for the occupants until the house was completed. “As the municipality, we couldn’t fold our arms after a disaster has befallen the Satshwa family,” said Mayor Matlou”. He further thanked the municipality Technical Services Department for speedy reconstruction work done and the quality they have provided as the house is well constructed with proper fencing. The Mayor also encouraged the community not to temper with any trees and other unwanted materials from their homes that might cause damaged to property of the municipality. He further said that all plants, unwanted trees and materials should be reported to the municipality before they could be removed. The Mayor handed over the keys and certificate of occupation to the Satshwa family. Also in attendance were councilors, officials and community members.

Joshua Motsomane