What you sow will be reaped: The Land Bank and others

The dust has not yet settled with regards to the inefficient management of the Land Bank, when even more evidence of bad management and misappropriation of funds are discovered.

“What you sow will be reaped,” said Mr. Ben Marais, president of TAU SA. “The past 15 years, ANC government sowed affirmative action, while expertise was ditched and replaced by political servants whose knowledge and expertise could be questioned, and now those questions have proved to be not without reason. This resulted in one parastatal after the other rolling from the one scandal into the next. This started with the Land Bank, followed by SAA, Eskom, Armscor and once again the Land Bank. The next failure is awaited with trepidation. In this regard it also needs to be investigated what has been sown at the levels of local and provincial government.

“Parastatals usually are national assets. Nowadays they are national liabilities, for which taxpayers have to foot the bills. Therefore it is perhaps now the time to privatise those parastatals, so that they could be managed by people who focus on the economical efficiency, rather than political agendas.