Businesses and police join forces

THABAZIMBI – A Business Owners Forum was recently established to improve co-operation between the police and businesses.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 December at 10:00 at the Thabazimbi Police Station and businesses are requested to attend.

At the previous meeting many complaints were received from businesses about bad service delivery on the side of the police, such as the lack of telephone ethics of the telephone operators at the police station.

There was a request that there must be a priority for service delivery in all areas. Constable Greeff explained that the Thabazimbi Area is divided into sectors and that there are vehicles allocated to attend to complaints in each specific area.

It seemed, however, that not only the police are to blame for the delay in handling cases. During burglary investigations, for example, business owners did not always co-operate when they had to supply lists of stolen goods or names and addresses of employees. Some investigators were handling up to 100 dockets at a time.

Issues that were also discussed are the transportation of cash and the misuse of emergency number 10111. Apparently there are identification boxes, identifying the caller numbers, attached to 10111, but it is currently out of order. The problem has been reported to Telkom.

The issue of street vendors and the foot space they occupy was also discussed. Feedback will be given at the next meeting by the responsible authority. Another problem which was discussed was the issue of groups of foreigners occupying the attention of shop attendants while others steal shop items. It was suggested that security measures be sharpened in these businesses.

Hennie Pauw