Crime Statistics demand new structures

The recent crime statistics are unacceptable for the country as a whole, but in particular for the agricultural community there is reason for concern.
Note has been taken of the decline in murders, but the reduction is insignificant.  Fifty murders daily are not acceptable in any civilized community.
TAU SA’s President, Mr Ben Marais, says TAU SA is concerned about the fact that farm murders have not been dealt with in its own category.  “Farm murders and farm attacks need to get special attention.  TAU SA is still of the opinion that farm attacks are incited by emotional aspects, like restitution, land reform and racism.  The fact that these issues are not dealt with, does not mean they do not exist,” says Marais.  “Farm attacks are in most cases, executed by military accuracy and that is why these murders need to be investigated different from others murders.
“In this regard TAU SA is slightly excited about the statement of police commissioner, Bheki Cele, that the closing of the specialist investigation two years ago, was a mistake.  TAU SA pleads with the commissioner to establish a special investigation unit, perhaps under command of the Eagles, to investigate farm attacks,” says Marais.
At the same time TAU SA calls on the commissioner to strengthen the stock theft units with well trained manpower and equipment in their struggle to combat stock theft.  “Stock theft does not only affect the farmer, but also the consumer.  If farmers, due to stock theft, provide less meat to the markets, the consumers will pay more.  If the tendencies of increasing stock theft will continue in forthcoming years, it will threaten food security.
Meanwhile TAU SA calls on farmers and the community as a whole to get themselves trained in self protection.  The police and government had forsaken their duty to ensure safety en security for 15 years.  But TAU SA will continue to remind government of its Constitutional responsibility to create a safe environment for the country’s inhabitants.  But it is useless to remind government of something which is not receiving proper attention while people’s lives and property are jeopardised. We will have to look after our own safety and our own assets.
“The question is asked more frequently: what is government doing with our tax money?  Is government still entitled to taxes if it neglects its Constitutional duties?  These issues need to be discussed with government very urgently,” says Marais.