Launching of National Water Forum

A National Water Forum has been established in Pretoria. This is the result of an initiative of TAU SA, during a conference on water pollution, which was attended by several role players in the food value chain. Several other institutions, including government departments, were invited to this conference.
During the preliminary discussions, the practical and scientific implications regarding water pollution were evaluated, as well as the impact thereof on agriculture and other industries.
It was realised that no information regarding water issues should be withheld from the public, and also that the agricultural sector needs to get its own house in order. The National Water Forum will promote transparency, awareness and education regarding water issues. ?Also those who are guilty of water pollution will be asked to participate in this forum, so that they will become part of the solution, instead of remaining part of the problem,? says Mr Louis Meintjes, Deputy President of TAU SA.
Mr Meintjes also asked for the acceptance of a credo: ?We humbly accept the stewardship of our land and accept the responsibility to preserve the soil, fauna and flora and all our natural resources and to manage it as heritage for the next generation.?
The constituent committee of the National Water Forum, are comprised of Louis Meintjes (TAU SA), Annatjie Moolman (Water Research Commission), Johan Minnaar (General Practitioner), Karen Marx (WESSA), Marie van der Merwe (SANCU), Johann Botha (NBU), Liesl van der Vyver (Hygrotech) and dr Chris le Roux.
An action plan will be developed, then made public and finally implemented.