New girls’ dormitory for Thabang Children’s Place of Safety (CPOS)

The rooms of the new girls’ dormitory at Thabang are colourfully decorated, each room in different patterns and shades.
The rooms of the new girls’ dormitory at Thabang are colourfully decorated, each room in different patterns and shades.

Hennie Pauw

THABAZIMBI – Thabang had an official opening for a brand new dormitory at Children’s Place of Safety (CPOS) for older girls on Monday 29 June.
At the opening ceremony, Cecil White, manager at the Youth Centre, explained that Thabang consists of three branches i.e. the Home Based Care Project in Smashblock, the Boys’ Accommodation on the road to Brits and the Girls’ and Babies’ Accommodation whose extension was officially opened on the day.
Thabang started its activities in 2004 when the Chromine Primary School building was renovated. Through Thabang’s liaison work, trailer homes to be used as a clinic by governmental nursing staff, were made available to residents of Smashblock. The second branch was the opening of the Thabang Youth Centre in June 2005 for boys up to 18 years old. These children are referred either by welfare authorities in cases where abuse, poverty or neglect feature, or where kids were involved in minor crimes. Sponsorship for this infrastructure was provided by the German benefactor/philanthropist Egon Mauss.
The third branch is an establishment for babies, toddlers and girls, the CPOS. The property and house for this branch were again donated by Egon Mauss.
Since its inception the need for accommodating youngsters at Thabang has increased and extra facilities were needed. The new dormitory consists of 5 bedrooms and can sleep 10 girls. There are also 2 showers and 2 toilets, a care-worker’s room and a store-room. The rooms were fitted with bedding and curtains in an array of bright colours, sponsored by the Northam Platinum Women’s Social group. Much hard work was done by all these ladies to decorate the girls’ dormitory beautifully.
The Thabazimbi Beneficiary Trust allocates funds towards six separate fields, namely education, welfare, conservation and skills, health care, housing and land distribution, and miscellaneous such as small business. Throughout the year the trust is identifying and evaluating projects which qualify for support.
For any enquiries regarding the Thabazimbi Beneficiary Trust contact Ipupa Leeka on or on cell 076 679 3372.