New Agricultural dispensation

TAU SA says in a media release that it welcomes the separation of the Departments of Agriculture and of Land Reform, to individual departments with their own ministers.
TAU SA looks forward to a Ministry of Agriculture without the ideological baggage of restitution and land reform, and there is hope that the new ministerial team will manage agriculture on rational and economical principles.
Before the elections TAU SA had several personal discussions with president Zuma. During these conversations the need of food security by a sound commercial agricultural sector were reiterated, and an understanding of TAU SA’s point of view was experienced.
Both the new Minister and Deputy Minister of Agriculture have displayed a sound understanding of food security. History confirms TAU SA has always been willing to co-operate with any minister who promotes the interests of agriculture.
Regarding the new Ministry of Land Affairs, TAU SA hopes that this department will not be ideologically bound to the Freedom Charter to such extend that it will interfere with the Department of Agriculture, says TAU SA president Mr Ben Marais.