Lodge burgled for fifth time

KLIPGAT – Spirit of Africa lodge, previously known as the Marula Bush Camp, on the Klipgat road was burgled for the fifth time in 9 months on the night of Saturday 9 May.
Two Zimbabweans were arrested in connection with the burglary after neighbours of Spirit of Africa, residents of Umganu and Palanca, caught suspicious looking trespassers on their properties by Sunday night. They were on their way back to Spirit of Africa, presumably to collect more stolen goods, since only small amounts of goods could be carried by the two burglars each time across the three properties.
According to the owner of Spirit of Africa, Bruno Bleeckx, access was gained to Spirit of Africa over two other properties, Palanca and Umganu, by cutting the fences. Apparently the modus operandi was exactly the same as for the previous burglaries, such as the mode of access and the building that was targeted. Bleeckx therefore believes that the same people were responsible for all five burglaries and is happy that at last the culprits have been apprehended.
According to Bleeckx, he suspects that one of his previous employees might have divulged information to the burglars the first time he was burgled.
The previous time the lodge was burgled television sets, solar panels and other valuables were stolen. Bleeckx says he suspects that this time they came back to get the rest. He has not even replaced the television sets stolen from the chalets during the previous burglary in December 2008.
This time they primarily targeted his kitchen where valuable appliances, pots, pans and cutlery were stolen as well as a bar fridge, duvet covers and table cloths from chalets and the restaurant, together with a lot of smaller things, like food, beverages and other.
It is suspected that at least one more suspect was involved in the incident. The two suspects that were arrested for this crime appeared in court during the past week, but are still in custody. The investigation is continuing.
Another property on the Klipgat has also been burgled on Sunday 19 April, namely the farm Klipgat of Mercia Boshoff. A large amount of goods were stolen while Boshoff and her daughter were in church on the Sunday of the burglary.