Appreciative letter sent to Safety Committee

THABAZIMBI – A letter dated 7 May 2009 and signed by the Station Commissioner of Thabazimbi Police Station, Supt Mantjane, was received by the Thabazimbi Representative of the Safety Committee of TAU SA North.
The letter of appreciation read as follows: “The Station Commissioner of Thabazimbi would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the farming community who assisted in the apprehension of the copper cable thieves on 22 April 2009. Our partnership confirms that co-operation between the community and the South African Police Service is always a good combination.” And further “We would like to further assure you that the relationship will go from strength to strength and that even bigger successes will be achieved in future.”
The letter followed on the successful operation where four alleged copper cable thieves were apprehended. The arrests followed after members of the TAU SA North Safety Committee assisted the SAPS members to arrest the alleged copper thieves. The arrests took place on 22 April 2009.
Mr Machiel Reinecke, Thabazimbi Representative of TAU SA North Safety Committee said that this letter is deeply appreciated by those members who assisted in the operation. He said farmers are not paid for their part in the operation and participated as volunteers. He said that this is the type of co-operation that will make sure that criminals will move away from the Thabazimbi area.
Mr Japie Spanio, chairperson of the Safety Committee of TAU SA North said that this is the type of relationship that is needed to combat crime in the rural areas. He said the letter and the co-operation by Supt Mantjane is a wonderful example for the rest of the province. He thanked Supt Mantjane for his kind gesture and assured him that members of TAU SA North are always willing to assist the SAPS and to participate in crime prevention.