Voting went smoothly in Thabazimbi

Hennie Pauw
THABAZIMBI – Altogether 27 978 votes were cast in the Thabazimbi Municipal district on Wednesday 22 April, national election day.
Although a number of 37 000 people were registered to vote one cannot assume that 10 000 eligible voters did not cast their votes, says an IEC official, because of the fact that voters could vote anywhere.
In Thabazimbi the ANC united 74,3% of the votes on itself with the DA in second place with 12,8% and COPE third with almost 5%. The party that drew the fourth most votes was the UDM (United Democratic Movement) and Vryheidsfront Plus was fifth with 2,2% of the votes.
In Limpopo Province the ANC achieved an even bigger majority with 85,2% with COPE the official opposition with 7,2%. Third is the DA with 3,7%, fourth the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) with 0,64% and fifth the Vryheidsfront Plus with 0,54%.
According to the IEC (Independent Electoral Committee) office in Thabazimbi no major problems were encountered on election day. According to police a member of Cosatu was trying to distribute election leaflets close to a voting station in Regorogile, but was expelled by ANC members who told him that he was violating election rules and bringing his own party in disrepute. Apparently he later tried similar tricks at the Koedoeskop voting station.
The busiest voting stations were at Regorogile, Agricultural Hall in Thabazimbi, Smashblock and Northam.
Voting stopped at about 21:30 at the busier voting stations and no problems were encountered with insufficient ballot papers.
Counting of the ballot papers started immediately after the polling stations closed and representatives of parties were present to observe and monitor the counting. By 22:00 on Thursday Thabazimbi’s official results were available.
At the four way stop in Regorogile, election posters, presumably those posted on vehicles and taxies during a rally through town on Tuesday 21 April, covered the area around the taxi rank, the streets, fences and properties, putting a negative slant on election enthusiasm.