Police committed to fighting crime

THABAZIMBI – In a run-up to National Police Day 27 January,  Thabazimbi Police Cluster held celebrations locally on Tuesday 20 January at Thaba Park, commemorating those who lost their lives, but also reinforcing the police’s commitment to fighting crime.
Thabazimbi Station Commissioner Superintendent Mantjane said local celebrations had the purpose of promoting the police’s ongoing crime prevention campaign and to give recognition to those who lost their lives while protecting the community of Thabazimbi.  They are Sergeant BJ Sedimo and Inspector GP Monene who passed away in December 2005 and October 2006 respectively. He also remembered those police officers who lost their lives while not on duty.
He gave recognition to the partnership between the police and religious institutions, NGO’s (Non Government Organizations), small businesses and government departments and said that without these stakeholders the police would not be successful in their duties.
The police rely on these organizations  and individuals to work with the police to report crime, not to harbor criminals and to help the police to remove all criminals from society and build a safer environment in Thabazimbi.
Mantjane was adamant that police officials in Thabazimbi will continue to represent and uphold the constitution and that no member of the public will stop the police in carrying out their duties. They will succeed in stopping all forms of corruption, he said, especially the undermining of laws by embezzling public funds while people on the ground is suffering.
Supt Mantjane concluded by saying that local police officers are committed to the oath they take to “serve and protect with integrity, to prevent, detect and report crime” irrespective of the perpetrator’s position and to continue to fight crime.
Provincial celebration in honor of National Police Day was held on Tuesday 27 January in Tzaneen.