Four charged with rape

THABAZIMBI – Two cases of rape, which took place on Sunday 11 January, were reported to the police in Thabazimbi.
One incident took place at Regorogile when a 14 year old girl was sent to do some shopping for her mother. On the way to the shop she was approached by a 25 year old male who forced her to go to his house. Here he allegedly raped her repeatedly.
The rapist released the girl the next day from the house and told her not to go back home, but to her friends. The girl’s mother located her at about 14:00 that day, and on learning what had happened to her daughter, took her to the police station where the girl made a statement.
The suspect was arrested late Monday evening and was later released on R1000 bail.
Another incident took place at the Jabulane informal settlement when a middle-aged woman was gang raped by three males. The victim was walking around Jabulane when she was approached by a male person who later allegedly raped her.
While being raped, a second male person appeared on the scene and also allegedly raped her. Then a third male appeared and allegedly also raped the woman.
The woman laid a charge in the early hours of the next morning and three suspects were arrested subsequently. They are still in custody.