Local talent explodes on national level

THABAZIMBI – Local musician Jevino, is releasing his first album at Regorogile Hall on 29 September 2007. Jevino (real name Jeff Kenosi) was a founder member of a local band, Jorago, which disbanded a few years ago. After leaving his hometown Thabazimbi in 1989, Jevino got involved with a number of bands in Johannesburg, including Cheek to Cheek, which was a hot group in the late 80’s. He’s also been involved in a number of church projects around Johannesburg until he started his own record company, Styl-o-mix entertainment in 2007. His new release “The Arrival”, marks the end of a long journey he travelled seeking fame and success. The album carries orginal hit songs such as Airbag, Taxi, Mathata and the title track “The Arrival” among others. All 10 tracks in the album carry a powerful passion for the dance floor. The style is a mixture of kwaito, house and afro pop. The Arrival will be launced in nine provinces and Thabazimbi is the first leg of “The Arrival Tour”. The admission fee will be R30. Another local band, Bakgothatsi ba Morena, will also be featured on this evening. CD’s and cassettes will be sold on site at reasonable prices. Jevino would like to thank all the people of Thabazimbi who supported his carreer all these years and wants to say after a long Journey, now it’s The Arrival.