Hydro Group of Companies

Hydro has been accredited by the South African Mining Preferential Procurement Forum (SAMPPF) as a “black empowered service provider” in lieu of Black Economic Empowerment.
Their model is based on the “Scorecard for the broad based socio-economic empowerment charter for the South African mining industry” and within that of the National BEE Strategy.
Their company are 48.1 % black empowered. The majority shareholding in this company is held by the HS Employees Trust, which was establish to benefit the previous disadvantage employees or individuals, in particular Black, Coloured and Indian employees.
Hydro Sebenza I’Sizwe (Pty) Ltd is responsible for the Group Management Support function, the Group BEE Equity process and Marketing of the Groups functions.
Hydro Sebenza (Pty)Ltd Labour Placements and Hydro Sebenza East Coast (Pty)Ltd – Labour Placements are both 26% black empowered. Hydro guarantees that skilled artisans are able to produce suitable trade papers.
Specialists in the following Recruitment Areas: Boilermakers, Welders, Riggers, Petrol and Diesel Mechanics, Fitters, turners, CNC Operators, Setters and Programmers. Quality Inspectors and Managers.
Hydro guarantees that they are able to supply suitable labour to meet your requirements within all sectors of industry; that all their recruits are thoroughly assessed; that they are able to supply both nationally and international and employees qualify for full benefits as required by the various bargaining councils regulating such industry.
Hydro Training Academy – skilled training programs are 26% black empowered. Theie Technical Training facility complies with individual Skills and Development Programs; MERSETA Learnership Programmes and Development of Learning Programmes.
In addition, the trainers themselves are accredited assessors and have been thoroughly trained to ensure that learners receive nationally recognised, fully transferable outcome based practical and theoretical training. Their current accredited Learnerships include: Boilermaking, Welding, Fitting, Turning and Plate work.
Hydro Training Turnkey Projects are 26% black empowered. They realised that there was a place for a young aggressive fabricator and they can proudly state that the success they enjoy today is built on the fundamental principle of providing personalised, complete service to there customers. The Manufacturing and repair devision specialise in vehicle repairs.
Hydro Turnkey has already established itself as the leading specialised vehicle body repairer and manufacturer of various companies and government institutions such as Telkom and the DEBIS group of companies. Hydro Turnkey successfully completed contracts for the manufacture of custom-made toolboxes for clients in exotic materials such as Aluminium.
They fabricate Mining and Metallurgical Equipment for the mining industry in all sectors be it Precious metals, Base Minerals or the Coal industry.
Recognised manufacturers of standard and dedicated trailers and flat decks for tractor and vehicle drawn equipment.
Hydro has completed number building projects, and with their in-house expertise they are able to offer their client a complete solution, from the initial planning phase to the final commissioning or handover of the project.