Executive Mayor to launch campaign

The Executive Mayor of Waterberg District Municipality, Councillor Maesela Godfrey Molekwa will launch the “Free the farm dwellers and farm workers campaigne”. Waterberg District Municipality which is greatly constituted by farming areas is confronted by many challenges in the provision of secured tenure and also ensuring that the farm dwellers and farm workers have access to basic services such as water and education. It is expected that over 5000 farm workers and farm dwellers will attend the launch.
The Employment Conditions Commission of the national department of Labour will conduct hearings around the following issues: Demarcation on the two tier wage system, 27 hour provision within the sectoral determination, impact of labour tenancy on the farm workers and the value of deductions especially the levels of deduction for food and accommodation.
The event will take place at the Kromdraai Community Hall on 10 April at 10:00.