Cutting off water in Regorogile

Elias Malindi

REGOROGILE – Some households at Regorogile extensions have experienced the cutting off of water by the municipality recently. The living conditions of some families have deteriorate tremendously after living without water for some time.
Other families have lived without water for a period of four weeks or more. They depend only on water from neighbours or relatives. These families resort to fetching water from the only tap that is available in the street. They spend a long time at the queue because lots of people depend on this tap.
“We are scared of diseases such as cholera, that may affect us because of the conditions of our neighbours who do not have water. They relieve themselves behind our houses in a nearby bush”, said Olga Celanto.
Residents highlighted that one of the critical issues is about their monthly statements which they receive from the municipality. They say the language that is used and figures are difficult, confusing and contributes to the issue of them not knowing how much they owe or should pay. “We don’t understand these monthly statements because they are confusing and difficult to understand. Also figures are written in a difficult way to us”, said Andries.
Andries owes the municipality around R10 000 and his water has been cut off without warning. He said he has been paying R200 or R150 per month, but today he doesn’t have water. “They do not only cut the water supply from people who are not paying, but from everybody, whether they pay or not,” said Andries.
Die Kwêvoël visited the municipality offices to clear all the findings. It was refered to the office of the Communication Manager, mr Segale Pilane, who’s reception was extremely warm.
The Municipality highlights that the government has an indigent policy which means all households earning a gross salary below R1500 per month, qualifies to receive a subsidy from the municipality. This subsidy to the poor caters for refuse and sewerage removal, and residents receive free basic water service as well as electricity.
“We offer the poor six free kilolitres of water per month and if they exceed that, they should pay for extra consumption,” said Mr Pilane.
The community is also informed about the Client Service Office in the treasery department, which invites every person with a water problem to come forward and make arrangements for payment. Few people has come forward so far and all problems will depend on their merits.
“For people experiencing problems, it is really important to make arrangements for payment at the municipality. There is no need for the technical department to cut off water for someone who has arranged payment. We still encourage everybody who are having this problem to come forward urgently,” said Pilane.
He also said that the national government has provided money through the National Treasery Department. This money is for identifying and assisting poor families who qualifies for the indigent policy.