Absa issues warning against new card scam

Absa has issued a warning against a new card scam at ATMs.
The latest scam involves thieves putting a thin, clear, rigid plastic sleeve into the ATM card slot. Once the card is inserted, the ATM is unable to read the magnetic card strip, therefore the ATM continues requesting the re-entering of the PIN.
Meanwhile, someone is watching on as the PIN is entered. Eventually one gives up, thinking the machine has swallowed the card and one walks away.
The thieves then remove the plastic sleeve containing the card, and access the funds in the respective account.
Says Pravesh Mahadeo, General Manager: Self Service Channel: “The way to avoid this is running ones finger along the card slot before inserting the card. The sleeve has a couple of tiny prongs that enable the thieves to access the sleeve, which contains the card, from the slot. These prongs can be felt when running ones finger along the ATM card slot.”