The man who found Regorogile and Mabogopedi high school

Elias Malindi

THABAZIMBI – The man who found Regorogile and Mabogopedi high school, is Mr Jacob Mabdea Shai, the first black mayor of Thabazimbi municipality, and the first principal of Mabogopedi secondary school.
The main road of Regorogile, Shai drive, was named after this living legend. He was born on the 1st of January 1916, at Pietersburg, Botlokwa. He arrived in Thabazimbi in 1943 as a clerk for Iscor mine and he had a teaching qualification.
He started teaching in 1944 at a school which was situated at Iscor compound. This octogenerian was involved in teaching for a period of 43 years and now he is 88 years old.
In 1975 he was promoted as an inspector of schools around the Northern Transvaal as a whole. He travelled from Northam to Pietersburg, checking the learning conditions in schools.
He was appointed back as a principal in 1976 at his old school, Ysterberg, which was ending up to JC level. In 1987 classes were extended up to matric, because students were suffering after finishing JC. After that year he went on pension.
After he was elected as mayor of Thabazimbi in 1984, he served 12 years in this position.
Today he is worried about the value of education amongst the children of the present generation. He said they are not showing commitment to their studies unlike their parents that he taught. He added that there is no progress in scholars and they are not serious about their education.