Selfsny onder tieners

Selfsny of selfbeseer staan as selfmutilerende gedrag bekend. Daar is egter onlangs gepoog om ‘n definisie vir hierdie gedrag saam te stel. Vir die doeleindes van hierdie artikel gaan ons die definisie DSH (deliberate self-harm syndrome), gebruik.…

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Wen ADHD e-boek

Oktober is Internasionale ADHD Bewustheidsmaand. Wêreldwyd span verskeie organisasies hierdie tyd van die jaar saam om kennis en begrip van hierdie indringende versteuring te bevorder.

Ter ondersteuning van jaarlikse globale impetus vir ADHD bewusmaking word 5 Kwêvoël-lesers die geleentheid gebied om ‘n gratis pdf-kopie van Ilze Neethling se onlangs gepubliseerde E-boek “Help, my kind het ADHD!…

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Childhood depression commonly overlooked

While clinical depression in adults and the elderly is relatively common, evidence shows that an increasing number of children are being diagnosed with depression.

Peter Jordaan, Principal Officer of Fedhealth says that unfortunately depression in children is still often commonly overlooked and often mistaken for normal developmental problems.…

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Vitamin C from potatoes bioavailable

Potatoes contain vitamin C but it is unclear whether the vitamin is bioavailable after the potatoes have been cooked and eaten. This was examined in a new Japanese study.

After an overnight fast, five healthy men (22-27 years) ate 87g mashed potatoes, 282g chips, or drank mineral water (each containing 50mg vitamin C).…

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About ADD / ADHD Labels

It seems as if all and sundry are being diagnosed with “Attention Deficient Disorder” (ADD) or “Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) these days. It is all too easy to put a label on behaviours that don’t conform to the norm; what do these behaviours actually mean and what can be done to treat them?…

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TBZ Field trip to catch mosquitoes

Juliet Mentoor, Stephanie van Niekerk, Prof P Almeida and Prof M Venter during their visit at Marakele National Park.

THABAZIMBI – Students and personnel from the Zoonoses Research Unit at Pretoria University together with an entomologist, Prof P Almeida, from Portugal set off to the Thabazimbi district to catch mosquitoes.…

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Mild dehydration affects mood

New research carried out at the University of Connecticut shows that mild dehydration can alter mood and perceived energy levels.

Two groups of young men and women completed a series of concentration and memory tests after mild dehydration was induced.…

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World Tuberculosis Day

Team Amandelbult, Thabazimbi Municipality and Department of Health and Social Development during TB day at Amandelbult.

AMANDELBULT – World Tuberculosis Day is a worldwide event that aims to raise public awareness of tuberculosis and the efforts made to prevent and treat this disease.…

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