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Marakele Animal Sanctury

No need to go all the way to Gauteng or the Lowveld to see the King of the Jungle live with Marakele Animal Sanctuary right on your doorstep at Thabazimbi.

Marakele Animal Sanctuary is situated 9 km’s out of the town in the Limpopo region of the bushveld, surrounded by the beautiful Waterberg Mountains.
At the Animal Sanctuary they have lions – including tawny and white, Bengal tigers, white tiger, spotted hyena, cheetah, leopards, ocelots, bob cats, caracal, black back jackal, mongoose, raccoons, serval, lynx, coatie bear, spotted genet, Marmoset monkeys, Capuchin monkeys, ring tailed lemurs, brown lemurs, spider monkeys and also a collection of exotic birds.