Interruption of Electricity: Thabazimbi Local Municipality

During a Special Council Meeting held yesterday (19 October), it was reported that the Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) negotiated with PCMA for an advance of R36 million to pay Eskom. Today, 20 October 2017, the municipal manager, PCMA, and Eskom will meet in order to sort out the technicalities of the agreement. The TLM and PCMA will request Eskom to immediately stop with the current restrictions as enforced by Eskom. At this stage, the TLM is very fortunate to conclude the agreement with PCMA and hope and believe that this matter can be finalised with Eskom as soon as possible.

It may happen that, due to the transferring of payments and/or guarantees to Eskom, the transaction may still take a few days. However, the TLM and PCMA will strongly request Eskom to discontinue the power interruptions immediately.

The council also expressed their disappointment towards the Departments of CoGTA and CoGHSTA (National and Provincial governments) towards their non-assistance of the TLM, while the TLM is formally under Section 154 of the Constitution of South Africa (government assistance programme). The council also requested a very urgent meeting with the National Council of Provinces in this regard.

All councilors and senior managers of the Thabazimbi Local Municipality will engage in a roadshow to visit all communities who are not allowing the installation of the prepaid meters system. The roadshow will also concentrate on the completeness of the indigent register of the TLM. The council will give feedback to the community as soon as possible regarding the turnout of the meeting with Eskom.

Next week we will be able to provide information regarding the proposed payment plan to Eskom.

Issued by Franco Loots – Personal assistant to the Speaker and Chief Whip – TLM