Barking up the wrong tree

The rampage temporary municipal workers went on Wednesday by littering the CBD area with trash, is a due directly to the ANC government’s policy of deploying ANC cadres at local government level. People not having the necessary skills to supply efficient services, nor the financial backup or know how to run a intricate business like a municipality, with all the facets of budgeting for expenses. Paying wages to temporary employees are but one of the major influences to the budget.
Maybe the fact that the Mayor of Thabazimbi, councillor Patricia Mosito was dressed in a labour uniform during all the different functions she attended during Mandela Day, she had a forebode of the events that unfolded Wednesday, namely: it is time to dirty your hands and start cleaning up the mess your poor leadership and that of your supporting councillors caused by aggravating your employees, even when they are casual workers, by indicating that council cannot even afford their wages this month (week).
Unfortunately, the EPWP workers barked up the wrong tree by annoying the one section that pays their rates and taxes every month, namely the businesses. This money keeps the town going and is the only income for the municipality to pay salaries and wages. Why not rather dump the thrash on the responsible councillors’, including the mayor’s and her officials’ houses. That would have been barking up the right tree.
Corruption is rife in Thabazimbi with the mayor granting excessive and unrelated increases to herself and her follies, without putting it to the council for approval. While there is no money to pay the wages, council is in the process of acquiring a new vehicle for the mayor. One can only hope it is not another Mercedes Benz as the previous one must have been substandard to cheaper makes as it could not meet the requirements of a Mayoral Vehicle. It is apparently in such a poor state that it cannot be fixed without spending hundreds of thousand of rands.
All these problems can be laid at the feet of the premier of Limpopo, as all the executive positions in all municipalities are part of ANC cadre deployment. People who obviously lack all skills of running a municipality. Let the honourable Premier send out cleaners to clean up this mess, or are they so used to the regular rate payers, the only ones that seems to be proud of their own town, to clean up the mess like they did before?
The people of all races living in this town are prepared to work together, but please, if you have grievances against the mayor and her ANC majority council, do not spoil the goodwill of the people that agree with you.