TLM repairs some of the Northam internal roads

Joshua Motsomane

NORTHAM – The internal roads in Northam recently received an upliftment. In future, residents will be travelling on safe roads. It is important for all of us as residents to have a common vision.
“In terms of our future projects, our drive will always be to maintain our road networks, as without maintenance, these assets will deteriorate,” said Lesego Modisenyane, Divisional Head Public Works. Caley, Ramoabi and Botha street were some of the repaired and constructed roads.
Ramoabi street transverses mainly through urban areas with residential houses and retail holdings present along most of the route. It is a single carriageway surfaced road. The road stretches from R510 (Brits and Zwartklip/Dwaalboom) and ends at R510 (Rustenburg and Thabazimbi) and is approximately 3.1 km in length. The other repaired areas include Northam intersection on Botha and Caley streets which is approximately 600m in length.
The municipality is also busy with the grading of streets and roads at Skierlik, Smashblock, Northam and Leeupoort.

17-Road worksThe repairs being done to the roads.